Friday, May 09, 2008

Tour Of Willow Bend / May '08

Starting here on the back porch, let's take a walk around the yard on this mid-May day and look at the newly-painted barn, and the yard busting out in spring foliage all over.
A group of pictures from the same day, in between rainstorms. I decided to use some of my color filters, which I hadn't shot with in a while, to do this roll; and it's so terribly GREEN here right now I like the variety it gives the set.
Below I had two shots from the road out front, which were close enough that I joined them together, an unintentional panorama. Normally I try and match the framing better beforehand.
View up a hackberry tree. All of the trees are still coming into full leaf, not quite there yet. The data in this shot was left full-size, so if you click on this one to blow it up it reveals a lot of detail for the upper canopy of the tree.

I think I prefer the lettering on the other side of the mailbox, but here's a shot anyhoo. No one in the area puts the name on their box anymore- all rural boxes have only numbers. Rather impersonal. Also if you're nosy like us it's harder to spy. Typically, we don't have the required 911-numbers on our box.
Front yard facing west.

I like this front yard view, the filter really enhances the shot, I think; gives it some nice added spookiness.

Back yard / back porch
We had the first noted visit from a rare bird: the Indigo Bunting, today in our bird feeder. The pictures don't do justice to just how vivid it's coloring was.

West side pasture and the neighbor's barn.
Lily Of The Valley

I found a five-gallon bucket of barn paint when sorting through our paint-supply, and decided to take a few days out (of my current schedule) to repaint the barn. I thought that the color was going to be RED but it turned out to be a shocking sort of magenta; either way, it looks different!

Some termaters, just put out.

This color (below) expresses what the temperature is going to feel like here, come June-August.
Facing into the corral.
View of the back yard from inside the (former) horse corral.

Maple tree seed-pods, or, "propellers". I'd forgotten that they dropped in the spring, and not the fall...

A particularly odd recent sunset, although our sunsets are almost always spectacular. I was just a moment short (while running inside for a camera) of catching the best moment of this sunset, but this gives an impression of it's strangeness.
So long for now from West Central Missouri. The next post here will most likely be a tour of the inside of the farmhouse, a veritable museum of antique curios, brac-a-brics and objets d'art.

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