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The Ben Lomond, Ca / Love Creek Mudslide Disaster of Jan. 1982

As detailed below in previous autobio entries, I moved into the Santa Cruz mountains in 1980, more specifically to Love Creek, just up in the hills above Ben Lomond, itself not as well known as it's neighbor up the road Boulder Creek. Above we see the house in Santa Cruz that the three of us shared on and off when not on duty up at the Cabin on Love Creek road. Many noisey early tapes used in BCO in those days were recorded in that house. Fill (pictured below up at the cabin) also installed a large darkroom there on Mission Street (actually Highway One, since that's what funnels into it and the highway traffic all comes down that corridor).
Since Fill's picture below is dated January 1982 like the rest of the Mudslide photos, I suspect it was shot the same day as the others or real close to them.
So here's the rap about the Big Storm of Winter 1981/82. It was the normal long, dark, gloomy, rainy winter up at the Cabin (no electricity, bathroom separate from the main house) and this particular rainstorm had been socked in for days, dumping tons of water. One day the water by the evening was coming down the mountain everywhere, not just in the usual erosion channels and creekbeds, but Everywhere in a continuous ten-inch-deep wall of water. I didn't realize the danger I was in from mudslide at that time, but was concerned with the massive amounts of water pouring down the mountain. It was stunning.
The next morning the storm had broken, I was out in the yard near the Love Creek Road and some neighbors came by going back up to their place, after having been down the road, and they said "You'd better have a look down there- you won't believe what's happened- a huge slide..." and so on.
As it turned out, an entire neighborhood nearby was washed away in mud and debris. A huge area was unrecognizable. One hundred acres of mountain were completely shifted downhill, a whole new vista of the upper range had opened up- one had not been able to see the top of the ridge before at all, and now everything from 200 feet down had been pulled down here towards the creekbed in the valley, just like it had been a big soggy carpet with trees planted on it and houses, and it all just slid down an inclined piece of glass to go 'smooomph' at the bottom. I still don't know how many houses exactly were lost- I know at least six houses were up that road that no longer existed. Several people were killed, we later learned, and there was so much house and mountain debris that it took many weeks of work before they were able to punch a road through that area again. I was packing in food for me and the animals for a while.
My father and friends in Santa Cruz weren't sure for many hours if I was even still alive up there- they tried to hike over the ridge from the other side but couldn't get through.
Above we see 'downtown' Ben Lomond as locals try to clear the mud from the street. This looks to be right in front of the food market, a spot I remember well. Quite a storm if it put this much mess here- it was a steep area, but this isn't even that close to the bigger hills, and it's still a mess.
Now below we get into pictures of the slide itself. I'd forgotten all about these, and they recently turned up again, and it brought all of these memories back. The slide disaster area was so vast that it really doesn't come across in stills very well. All I can say is, what looks below like a sunny, messy mountainside was once a shady, windy road going up the mountain in a sort of small neighborhood, one of the last ones on the paved part of Love Creek Road, before it becomes gravel (and barely that) as you go up on the private part of the road to our place. I was about a mile further up from this.
There was speculation at the time that this ridgeline may have become weakened more during the storm because there is a lake, Loch Lomond, just on the other side of this ridge, and it may have helped to build up a slippery, watery layer along the bedrock when this all came sliding down. The vastness and destructiveness of it are hard to convey- unless you've seen something like it yourself.
I like this shot (below)- here we are standing where the roadbed would have been, perhaps a bit below, as there isn't anymore road, and Love Creek, there on the left, seems a bit too nearby, but we're at the upper edge of the bottom of the slide, facing up the road towards my cabin. This also gives an idea of the 'darkness and closeness' that is part of the scenery of most of these low-in-the-valley/near-to-the-creek areas, and how it contrasts to the slide area, where all of it is torn away, and sun and views are streaming in.
The picture below (these all were shot by Fill Dobbs, by the way) is labeled 'local newsmen on the scene', here we are on the 'lower' edge of the slide, sort of looking up into it. Behind us would be where the road into town still existed somewhat. Mixed bits of residences are strewn all over.
Below we are looking straight up into the slide, standing in what used to be the dark, tree-choked area. Way up on our right one can see where the major shear occurred which brought down the massive wall of material. I wish there was an accompanying shot to show the other half of it from this same spot, but this gives a good idea of the scope of it. One could never see this ridgetop at all, previously.
So, for those who lost someone in the 'slide, or lived near there, a few pictures from that dark, rainy winter.
This was my last year full-time at the Lantern on Love Creek Road, and I miss it a lot; but not those winters! And certainly after that, I was more worried about the ridge up above our cabin!

Below, an enlarged section of the previous photo.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, great pics and interesting story. I worry a bit about stuff like that happening here, but these old-ass mountains have mostly been worn down already. I have heard a few stories about our holler flooding, and a couple families have been totally wiped out, right here on Jordan Branch. Last weekend we hiked with Gary up to the head of Jordan Branch, he actually gets all his water from that spring.
-Mrs. Dog Holler

6:20 AM  
Blogger mindwrecker said...

The mountain above me had actually settled into many shelves over the generations, and even though very steep, probably wasn't as much of a straight shot as the area that got hit. Still, I would love to have driven up there again to look it over. But it would've been sad. I would've cried -like Mrs. Dog Holler when she used to pass her old apartment in SF.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was flown in to this site to assist in the surveying, to determine the extent of the slide, I was 23 at the time. I have never forgot the devastation that I saw when I first arrived. Allen

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to live on Vineland rd. and we used to go back in there and look around. It was hard to understand how people just packed what they could and left. In the houses there was everything people would need to live. I remember the story of the 2 young kids who got swept away by the mud, there was actually a little memorial with a christmas tree at the bottom on Love creek, dont know if its still there. I think they wer unable to find the bodies but the skletel remains poped up during a rain storm. When I lived there i remember someone telling me about a man that lived at the top of the hill, he had been cutting a road in and it was at that road where the mudslide started...anyways Great Pics.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing pics and narrative. I lived in Bonny Doon and worked at the Felton Health food market in 1983-84 south on 9..or Mission...I recall talking to many people about Love Creek and how it became taboo to even drive up to the some more pictures if you can...28 years later...bizarre.

H.Lutz, Birmingham, MI

6:14 PM  
Blogger Emily Hogye said...

Just yesterday my friend and I went on an adventure into the slide area. It has been 28 years since the slide occured. It was amazing, the things that we discovered - mail boxes, houses, a garden fence, foundations, and a VW Bug. There were obvious driveways and roads of the community that was once on that mountain. You could really tell how powerful that 1982 slide was. There was a new slide in the woods, mud at least 3 feet deep. Sloshy, sinking mud. Newer things had been uncovered because of all of the rain we just had this week. Im sorry that you lost your home and your community. Very touching pictures.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My house was highest up the road. We were not home that day, my wife and baby evacuated because of the torrential nature of the downpour. 19" in 19 hrs as we have always said. My yard looked like a maze of garden hoses spaced about 24" on center in every direction, pointing straight up in the air at ground level. Those hoses had been running full open (about 12" into the air) for several days.
I have so many stories about the slide, too many to publish here, but will fill you in from time to time. The memories, so painful, are still fresh and with me every day.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. My great grandfather built the house that is located 3 houses up Love Creek Road on the left. I drove by it yesterday since my family sold it in 2006, and I couldn't believe how much the slide area had changed. You can't see the ridge from the street anymore because of the trees that have matured. No more simple shrubs and cat tails. The memorial for Trevor and Kelly has changed since I saw it last. The tree that the girl scouts planted in the 80's is HUGE now, and I don't remember the large cross in the ground. The same memorial sign from their Grandma is still there, and a wonderful red toy box is in front of it with toys and stuffed animals. Honestly, it was nice to see that the area was kept up by someone. My mother said that there was never an official search and rescue effort because the area was deemed unsafe. Does anyone know if that is true?

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brother John McCluskey, his wife Lynda and their two boys Trevor and Kelly were buried in the mudslide on Jan 4, 1982. John worked the night shift at Watkins Johnson, and before he left that night, he and Lynda sandbagged the driveway in front of the garage because it had been raining so hard. Sometime before midnight, Lynda called John and asked him to come home, which he did. If he had stayed at work, he would still be alive, but what kind of life would that be with your family all killed and missing. We still miss them all very much, but in our hearts, we are glad that at least they were all together when it happened. John and Lyndas bodies were found 10 days later, but the boys were never recovered. (Colleen McCluskey)

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie Rumrill McBrayer said...

Thank you so much for your sensitive telling of a tale I've not been able to bring myself to write, My father, Gene Rumrill, was the man who lived in the house next to the McCluskeys. He was killed the same night along with his friend Vonna Blount. My brothers and I, along with other family and friends, mounted our own search and rescue effort to find them, with varying degrees of assistance and hinderance from local officials. We finally located them after five days of sun-up to sun-down digging. I've never gone back. I've often wondered about the family and friends of the McCluskeys, particularly their sweet grandma, who I remember from the fire station. My very deepest sympathy to all the McCluskey family for your loss.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Poppy Peach said...

I remember this very well, even though I was just a child. My family owned the Peach Cottage in Boulder Creek and I remember how cut off the whole area was. We cooked on a heater for I don't know how long. Such a tragedy.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous David Weld said...

I also remember this very well. I lived in Nina Terrace in Boulder Creek, one ridge over from love Creek. My little brother (who is now an Engineer) and I rode a dirt bike over the ridge to look at the damage. I remember the road just ended, where the mountain came down. It was unbelievable. They were never able to even try to dig out all those homes and to this day, 30 years later, the road just ends, where the mountain came down.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous David Weld said...

I also remember this very well. I lived in Nina Terrace in Boulder Creek, one ridge over from love Creek. My little brother (who is now an Engineer) and I rode a dirt bike over the ridge to look at the damage. I remember the road just ended, where the mountain came down. It was unbelievable. They were never able to even try to dig out all those homes and to this day, 30 years later, the road just ends, where the mountain came down.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous David Weld said...

Phil Dobbs also happened to be a very good friend of mine in the years to follow1982. He was an excellent photographer and a good friend. What a small world.....

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Rick Sargent said...

Rick Sargent said,
I lived at the base of the Love Creek slide. across the street from Lazywoods and Love Creek. I bought this cabin in 1977 and spent five years working on it after work and my days off. I pretty much finished making my cabin into a home when the slide hit. Thank God and my girl friend at the time,(Now my wife) That I wasn't Home that night. I would of been dead! I was more up set that I Lost my Porsche targa than my house! You Learn alot about life after such trama like this. You basically have to be patient and know your wrights to get back to a normal life.What a

experience. You learn about shopping for everything.( New everything )I lost everything except my life! I new one of my neighbors across the street. His name was Duncin Kid.He was one that died that night.His wife Kim Kid spent the night on top of a redwood tree that had fallen down along with another neighbor Callisa Blont. Both of them survived.Kim Kid had many surgeries and years of rehab.
I could go on and on about The Love Creek Disaster but I am one of the lucky ones that SURVIVED!

1:26 PM  
Blogger M said...

My truck got stuck in the mud the weekend before the disaster. We were driving up a fire road at the end of the valley and the truck seemed to just stop. We could not open the doors and when we looked out the windows we were half way up the doors in mud. We were unsuccessful at digging out that day so we knocked on a door of one of the homes and he let us use his phone. I hope he and his wife and kid were survivors. Very sad.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up on vineland road.. that night and day were horrible! I was only 7 yrs old but remember it like it was yesterday. My friend Trevor and his brother were never found. I remember being evacuated but there seemed no where to go. Mud, rain, broken tree's, waterfalls that were not there before and a howl of the wind that I have never hear since that day. A man carried me on his shoulders down what was our road, my parents where waist deep in mud trying to get through it. We were not allowed back for over 30 day's but eventually moved back into our home.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When my wife and child got down the mountain and were attempting to get out of the area via Love Creek Road, they came upon several redwoods leaning across the creek. In addition her car stalled because the creek water was over the road. She looked up from her stuck position on the road and noticed a small cabin just above her on the hill. It was on the opposite side of the road from the creek. She took her baby to the cabin. Finding toys and a dry floor she left the baby momentarily to see if she could restart the car. She was unsuccessful, but two Ben Lomond firemen in a jeep happened upon her and offered to help her get her car started and did. She retrieved the baby from the cabin and exited the are leaving the two men and jeep behind with redwoods crashing all around her.

A year later at a dinner/fundraiser at a church in Ben Lomond, she re acquainted with the two firemen she had not seen since. They asked her if she knew what tranpired after she left. They told her, " We got our jeep turned around just in time to move out of the way of a mudslide that took the cabin where your child was into the creek dissapearing!" We all still think about this close call and how God was watching over her that day!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Robin allen said...

I had the privilage to meet Clarissa Blount at montevalle in scotts valley.She told me about her night in the tree.How she sang all night till she lost her daughter but was not bitter toward God and still had a joyful and loving attitude. She also gave me a singing lesson that day. I just read a poem of hers in a collection ,about Redwoods.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Robin allen said...

I had the privilage to meet Clarissa Blount at montevalle in scotts valley.She told me about her night in the tree.How she sang all night till she lost her daughter but was not bitter toward God and still had a joyful and loving attitude. She also gave me a singing lesson that day. I just read a poem of hers in a collection ,about Redwoods.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Robin allen said...

I had the privilage to meet Clarissa Blount at montevalle in scotts valley.She told me about her night in the tree.How she sang all night till she lost her daughter but was not bitter toward God and still had a joyful and loving attitude. She also gave me a singing lesson that day. I just read a poem of hers in a collection ,about Redwoods.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Jeffrey Van Middlebrook said...

As the 30th anniversary of my friend and mentor Gene Rumrill's death approaches in a week I am reminded of the days I spent with Gene's kids in 1982 trying to find his body buried under a mind-boggling mess of crushing debris.
Though I no longer live in Pacific Grove where Gene's small gravestone rests, I have often over the years taken random stolen moments of quiet reflection by his gravestone. The man touched my life in ways few other men have ever influenced me. One of my four grown kids is in the Army and he just got home from Iraq. After his Xmas leave he returns to Ft. Hood, Texas, and he leaves California on January 4th, 2012, the 30th anniversary of Gene's death. I am spooked about this coincidence, so I hope anyone who reads this says a little prayer for my son's safety.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am writing a story about these events for publication Saturday in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. If anyone would like to contact me, I can be reached at 831-706-3263.
Donna Jones
Staff Writer
Santa Cruz Sentinel

10:06 AM  
Anonymous MKate St.Clair said...

My college friend Vonna Blount died in the Love Creek slide 30 years ago--it still makes me cry...

I was living in downtown Santa Cruz on Elm Street. We didn't know whether the San Lorenzo River was going to flood overnight, so I went to higher ground and spent the night at a friend's house on upper Walnut Avenue.

The next morning, all roads leading to town were closed to nonresidents, so when we ventured out on foot and bicycles to see what had happened to the river, it was just locals.

There were logs jammed under the Water Street bridge, and the phone cables under the Soquel Avenue bridge were broken.

We had no power or phones for days, but we feasted on food that was otherwise going to waste. There was no hot water for bathing either.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was living in Boulder Creek, where a woman was killed about two blocks up from Scopazzi's. Her two kids were in the back of the house and survived. I was out of town during the slide- and got back home driving through some blockades. Found some neighbors and friends trying to get back to salvage stuff from their wrecked house up on the hillside- the bathroom stayed where it was, but the rest of the house slid away, so they thought maybe they could get jewelry and toothbrushes and the like, but they couldn't really make it through the mud and debris

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived in Ben Lomond. I will never forget the rain. We were just excited that they closed the high school and we were sent home early. No electricity, it was crazy. My aunt and cousin lived in the mountains of Love Creek. I called my aunt that night before the mountain came down because my dad wanted them to come stay at our house because we had a wood burning stove and a warm house. They never showed up. We called over and over. All night long. No answer. I last spoke with her around 930ish. I was young and at that time not really aware of much. Then came that horrible next day. Some firemen came to our door. I remember my mom falling on the floor sobbing. My dad trying to pick her up. My brother and sisters crying and confused. I remember that day like yesterday. I still hate when it rains hard. The workers were brave as they tried digging out the families that were buried. People came from all over to help. We were allowed to come up to the site to see if we could identify items from the houses. The workers all stopped digging when we arrived. My aunt was found. Sitting in a chair with her dog on her lap buried in mud. She died quickly. It was a relief for my whole family. But my cousin was never found and remains buried in the Santa Cruz mountains with others. I went up there months after the tragedy and saw garbage and beer cans everywhere. I loved the sign put up by grandma Olsen telling people not to throw trash on her grandsons. We were there when they erected the cross. Just beautiful. It made me feel at peace to know people would not forget the loss of so many wonderful lives.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Lyle said...

Annette Marcum is doing a history of the storm at Park Hall in Ben Lomond on July 15th 2012.

I've added your flooded Ben Lomond image to the facebook page about the event, if this is a problem, please let me know.

I hope to see you there.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a little crazy but has anyone noticed if there are ghosts? We just moved to the area and noticed some strange things happen at home.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was staying at Jaye's Timberlane that night having just moved from SF. I remember just never, ever stopped that day and night and I was very scared and alone. The next day was bright and sunny and there was a line in front of the liquor store of about 100 people! Annette Marcum shall always be remembered for all her kindnesses, and the Davey Tree guys and firefighters who worked so hard in the cleanup. Thanks for bringing back so many memories.

9:57 AM  
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Anonymous Melinda Hardin Payne said...

Thank you for posting this. My former roommate Vonna Blount was killed in the slide along with the love of her life Gene Rumrill. I have so many wonderful memories from living here but I do recall a week after I first moved into the house with Vonna that a whole grove of Redwood trees slid down and across Love Creek and blocked me from getting into the house and Vonna from getting out. Just never imagined the mountain would come down like that. I remember walking up from the house to the ridge top and seeing quail darting out of the bushes once you got up out of the trees. Ben Lomond will always have a very special place in my heart, part of me has died there along with Vonna and Gene but it will always be cherished.

2:59 PM  
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