Monday, June 04, 2007


Here's my dad, probably at the Redondo Beach place, with a book - typical. My parents were extremely talented and brilliant folks, and even so, to my great regret, I was unable to bring myself to write a memorial for the local paper in Santa Cruz when my father passed on. Therefore, in the coming autobiographical book here we'll see a lot of my folks and their folks. These very personal pictures of my dad (in a period "lost" to my mother, thousands of miles of distance and difference between them at that point) show a pre-Watergate, pre-aids world of promise and hope. What bit of hope was left then for a hippified old-timey, more earth-connected existence.
Brookings, Oregon, above.......... Twisp, Washington, below.
"Dining area/ kitchen"
Bellingham, Wa.......
I love how much is going on in this picture, it's quite dense.
another picture from this sequence was later recovered and will hopefully be added in soon.
Willits, Ca
I like the macrame' on the wall...all the little details.
"The Terrible Trio in Willits, Ca" (with Katrina the dog, I might add.)
"Cable car across canyon, Laytonville, Ca"
(this looks so fun!)
"Buzz & Jim's house in Laytonville"
(Wonderful shot- great sketchy dwelling, look at the pitch of that gorge! What a nutty place to build. You can't get away with houses like this very many places if anywhere these days.)

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................These two cards were mounted in mattes, unfortunately cropping a great deal off of the edges. I wouldn't have minded that if they'd done it correctly. The above card is still in it's matte, and the next card "A Killing Of Elk" (what a title!) was beginning to come free from it's matte, so I went ahead and detached it (which would make a proper card-collector cringe) in order to finally see the rest of the card; which damaged it, of course. I still need to go in with a loupe to determine this--but they appear to have been hand-colored/tinted- the colors are a bit thick and vivid to have been "printed" on.
Below is the card-back for the "Deserted Camp" card.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

'Russian Toys' children's book, 1974

RUSSIAN TOYS book (1974)

......................Extracts from a very cute little book. With some interesting writing and propaganda.

Wow!-----It's High-Fashion LOG for girls-!
No, really! The original caption:
" A Log Doll. Early 20th century. Smolensk Region "
Moss Dolls. Early 20th century. Kirov Region.

Soviet toy scientists work tirelessly to produce this, the perfect toy:
"...Soviet toys are aimed to breed in children not cruelty but courage, not a craving for wealth but a craving for knowledge, not despair but delight."
I can't help but covet these sweet old model kits!
This is the inside back cover paper...a lovely photo.

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........Here is the entire eight-page handout with Caroline's spiritualist rap. It's pretty battered, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing what these folks wrote, printed, and distributed as promotion. The scans actually "softened-up" the "spirit photos" a bit, and they look even spookier here than in the crude halftones of the original. I like the final page (pg8) which quotes examples from the Bible of spirit/mediumistic phenomena. Well, then, it must have something to it, mustn't it? The Bible certainly doesn't contain any hokey supernatural baloney, so she was probably on the level, huh?
Also note that her address is hand-written in (it matches her address as given inside) pencil on the front of the booklet, and since it came from Missouri, where she lived, I imagine that a patron wrote that on there...maybe, who knows?

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