Saturday, June 28, 2008

BCO Addendums : GRASS 7" / Child's Garden 7"

Big City Chapter - PREQUEL:
After I had uploaded the pictures for the BCO chapter below this entry, I thought of a couple of additions.
First, I needed to show something about the last record I did with BCO- GRASS b/w GRASS, otherwise known as the Grass Single. It's pretty well explained in the review below, from (CMJ!) April 1996. Underneath that, peeking through, is the info-card that came with the single, which was packaged with a 7" square of Astroturf, and no visible graphics outside. Just a seven-inch piece of lawn on a record store shelf. Great idea, although I was never thrilled with the record; actually none of us were, but we tried hard to make it good. One factor against it was probably the deterioration of das and I's relationship at that point, which had been eroding by degrees all year (to go by my diary). If you know the original songs, though, it's worth checking this out to see what we did with the covers.

Below: Up until now I never bothered to make a nice cover for the CD edition of Child's Garden, our kid's record, and so today I whipped one up. I'm so happy with the result that I'm going to add it to this BCO Chapter Prequel.
Below: While assembling materials to make the cover above, I came across this promo flier in a copy of the second edition of Child's Garden. There are some nice comments. Drone Records, Germany, 1996.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: editing Blogspot. Can't you just click "edit post", then upload the images you want as usual (they'll appear at the top of the entry), open up a gap in the original post by hitting "return" a bunch of times at the insertion point, then highlight/drag the new image(s) to the new empty gap by "nudging" the dragged image along the bottom of the box that encloses the entry (the script of the original post will start scrolling up) until you get it to the place you want it?

Clear as mud?

Anyway, you're doing an epic job scanning all that crazy stuff and writing. Very worthwhile. Still think you should mention the final phase (1998) of Chotchke where I rejoined and Pete Jay was in it, playing jeez, was it forth guitar? Remember the Tip Top show? Last El Rio show? I do...


2:32 AM  
Blogger mindwrecker said...

Oh- I can drag images, hmmm- I'll try that sometime. I was hoping for some advice there. Although eventually I'll get disgusted with myself and just start trying stuff, and have a 'breakthrough' moment.
Good idea, I'd love to---but I can't think of anything to say about it- other than what you just said! Hmmm, I do have the poster for the El Rio gig, so...
I'd love it if YOU could write some stuff for it. Lol. I know you're busy there, but, your input would be super-helpful! For that matter, maybe we could suck Jon in, etc. and get more stories, even.
I'd be glad to add some more stuff to the Chotchke section, to flesh it out. You could email me some text and I'll just format it in, as, like I said, I kind of ran down on what to say to make the last years more interesting.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be up for writing a bit to add to you Chotchke section. Suggestion- maybe ask Carrie, Kate and Jon Feldman too (as well as Jon).

Only thing that really occurs to me is name checking Larry (last name ?), the "fill in", though he was truly a full member, 'till I freaked out and kicked him out- plus, we played a show with both of you, if you remember... perhaps a bit more about recording at Greg Freeman's... and the period at the end with both Kate and I and Pete. Pretty flexible, it seems to me in retrospect, before we snapped!

Yeah, I'll write something. Thanks for the opportunity.


6:37 PM  
Blogger mindwrecker said...

Word! Yes- you're right--'fill-in' isn't really fair to Larry--i was cheating there. Um, let's see- logistics:
I THINK I have a working email for Carrie-- I'll try it out.
I don't have one for Kate at all.
Or Pappy--the one I used to have for him is dead.
I'll ask Jon. Sounds like he might be up for it, which'd be good--he'd write good stuff.
Hopefully they'll remember Larry's last name!
Oh--and I DID mention somewhere in that Chotchke blog entry that I did at least one show while he was in the band...hmmm, maybe it's in the area where I talk about the play I was doing at that time, but I don't think so--i believe it's briefly touched on in Chotchkeland.
whatever---let's make it as good as we can! Woo-hoo!

7:37 PM  
Blogger mindwrecker said...

Oh--and was I AT the Greg Freeman session---?? I don't remember that at all---if it's the Larry one- I wasn't there--you guys have to talk about that.

7:38 PM  
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